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  • Subramanian s - 6 months time has been given as expiry for CRF Due to unavoidable circumstances 2 months have passed after expiry , can I consume the balance , is there no harm in it please reply

         Fettle bio products - Dear Mr.Subramanian, Yes you can consume it

  • K Muthuon - Should we take crf mixing with water or not

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Muthu, you can take CRF directly. In case if you feel burning sensation while taking , then you can take it by mixing with water.

  • ravindra ahire - i want to order cardiac free syrup but unable to do. kindly help.

    Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Ravindra ahire, For ordering our products, you can contact us at +91 9600125638.

  • Subash - Hi.. How to get this product.

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr. Subash, You can get our product by using BUY NOW option which is available in our website or contact us @ 9600125638

  • Padma - I am having blocks in heart vessels and I am also diabetic. Will your product with honey content increase the blood sugar level

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Ms.Padma, The sucrose content of honey we used is 2.56% only, so it doesn't affect your blood sugar level. Even diabetic person can also take our product. For more queries pls feel free to call us @9600125638

  • Padma - I am having blocks in heart vessels and I am also diabetic. Will your product with honey content increase the blood sugar level

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Ms.Padma, The sucrose content of honey we used is 2.56% only, so it doesn't affect your blood sugar level. Even diabetic person can also take our product. For more queries pls feel free to call us @9600125638

  • Allvar -Gastric problem and stomach bloating occur when drinking CRF juice

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Allvar, CRF is a health tonic purely from natural ingredients. These ingredients are part of our daily food style. Moreover CRF resovles gastric problem. CRF is not a reason for Stomach bloating. For further details pls contact our customer care 9600125638.

  • Rajese-How to drink

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Rajesh, You have to take twice a day. Morning 10 ml in empty stomach and night before bed 10 ml.

  • Sangeeth Kumar -Any patients feedback after taking this product?? Any improvement know heart problems and blocks ??

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Sangeeth Kumar, You can go through our consumer test reports that are already available in our website.

  • R Natesan - It is very good when timely taken.I appreciate your effort for.providing valuable medicine. I recommend to all. Good wishes

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Natesan Thank you so much for your valuable comment.

  • Muthupalaniappan-Today I bought one bottle cardiac risk free from g organic virugambakkam.it was broken by mistake.if possible kly replace.Thanks.D.Muthupalaniappan.9445282256.

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Muthupalaniappan, Sorry, we can't help you in this kind of issues. We replace only if there is any manufacturer error.

  • ARAVINDAN -If any chance for on line purchasefor the same

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Aravindan, Yes, You can use BUY NOW option in our website home screen.

  • K.Ravi -Good. How to use, with or without water?

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr.Ravi, You can take 10ml of CRF directly without water. If you feel any burning sensation because of ginger, then you can dilute it with half glass of normal water.Otherwise no need to dilute.

  • Rajeswaran, California -Do you have any distributor in USA?

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Mr. Rajeswaran, We don't have distributors in USA, but we can send it through speed postal service and we have all necessary documents. For any queries you can write us at fettlebioproducts@gmail.com or call us at 044-26245638/ 9600125638 (Whatsapp).

  • Aravindan -Health baby content and grams required also price

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Aravindan, All details of our product FIRST BOWL (Formerly Healthy baby) majorly for babies were provided here and its content 250g & MRP Rs.210/- (inclusive of GST). For any queries contact us at 044-26245638/9600125638

  • Vittal Prasad -CRF has to be taken for life long or for how many months

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Vittal Prasad, CRF, a only combination of GINGER,GARLIC,LEMON, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and HONEY .These ingredients are part of our food style and no chemicals added in it. So it can be taken life long.

  • Krish - Once after payment how long will u take to ship the product?

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Krish, we will dispatch the product by the day we received your order and you will get the product within 2-3 working days.For more queries regarding shipment pls contact us at 044-26535638.

  • S Dhivya - Sir can we take CRF during pregnancy

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Ms.Dhivya We advice not to take CRF during pregnancy.For more quires pls feel free to contact us.

  • Dr.Momin Awan -What is cost where to buy, Please advise terms of payment

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Momin Awan The cost is Rs.896/- and kindly go through the option, WHERE CAN I BUY? in our website or contact us @+91 9600125638

  • jaganmohan -Can everyone intake this product,to prevent heart block.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Jaganmohan, People above 23 yrs can take CARDIAC RISK FREE.

  • Rahul-In how many days ill get result for weight loss

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Rahul, You'll notice Weight loss after taking 2 bottles of CRF (CARDIAC RISK FREE) and further the rate of weight loss depends on your body metabolism.

  • Priya arun-Hi.. I'm priya from Chennai. I saw your product's very good reviews. I'm looking for my grandma. She had a severe attack last week and angioplasty was done. Even though still she have small blocks on the other side. I would like to purchase your product. Guide me in how to make an order. My mail I'd priyaarun0703@gmail.com

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Priya Arun, Thank you soo much for your interest. You can contact @ 9600125638 / 044-26245638 and pls send you residential address to the mentioned mobile number.

  • K.M.Sivakumar -Dear Sir., I am K.M.Sivakumar, Tirupur., Today I Have Purchased one Bottle CRF Syrup from Bawa Medical mart, Near Municipality, Tirupur. I Must want again 2 Bottle CRF Syrup from you for some other person.. I request you to please send courier to my address. Is it possible today please message to us. Please note My office Address K.M.Sivakumar, No 340 R.R.Complex, Kovai Main Road, Tirupur- 641666. ( Please Write on on top courier cover my cell no 97877 42852) My Cell No is 9787742852.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Siva kumar, Already we had dispatched your order on 24-04-18, You'll get our product within 2-3 working days. If any queries pls contact us.

  • gurumoorthi - I am interested to market in Malaysia... Plz contact 9362628676 Madurai

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear gurumurthy Thank you so much for your enquiry..i have replied to you via facebook..Our people ll contact you very shortly...

  • K.M.Sivakumar -Respected Sir., I am sivakumar living in tirupur. Where i get CRF Tonic at Tirupur? please we need reply at the earliest., My Mail ID kmsivakumar852@gmail.com

     Fettle Bio Products Dear Sivakumar Thank you so much for your enquiry and sorry for the delay..Kindly send me your residential address to 9600125638 or fettlebioproducts@gmail.com..

  • Brindha -My hubby has gone through angioplasty b4 6 months, does he can take this...

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Brinda Thank you so much for your enquiry...Definitely your husband can take CRF.No chemical preservatives/No side effects..it ll gives you the best results & prevention...

  • Anand -Can I get CRF in northern districts of Jharkhand ? Is the package safe for transportation by checked-in baggage, in a flight journey? It is NOT sealed air-tight!!

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr. Anand, Thank You so much for your interest. Definitely we will send you CRF through courier with fine and neat packaging. For further queries pls contact 044-26245638 / 9600125638 or write us at fettlebioproducts@gmail.com.

  • Srinivasan N - I am a regular user of CRF Cardiac Risk free Health Drink, from the past 3-4 months. My Cholesterol level has down drastically. My wife also has started using from the last month. I HAVE ONE IMPORTANT FEED BACK. The fat bottle is changed into slim bottle from last month itself. Feed Backs 1)This is useful to handle easily. 2)Caps are not air tight. 3)I bought TWO bottles of new type. One is OK. The second one was heavily leaking from the packed thermocoal. Them I found the cap was loose inside. 4)After unpacking, the bottle started giving bad smell with gas sound whenever we open with air bubbles inside. 5)I request for replacement of this one. 6)Though I explained over phone about this problem , I registering this feedback upon request from phone 9003422532 7)However, I am fully satisfied with the content and effects of the medicine, thank you. regards 9442502662

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Srinivasan Thank you very much for your feedback. We have taken note of your comments and are seriously working on to the lapses. In the meanwhile, we assure you once again for the complete satisfaction of our product and services at all times. As per our consumers request, we have taken more efforts for change of the bottles and designs. And the bottles you have purchased was from the first lot after changeover to the new bottle design. The teething issues in the capping of the new slim bottles has been resolved currently and we do not anticipate the issues in the future. We had acknowledged and rectified all the issues of our consumers including the change of design of bottles to have through and full satisfaction of our end users. We also wish to inform you that we have already despatched the courier for one no. CRF against the leakage bottle.We once again express our sincere gratitude and your kind cooperation at all times.

  • arun - hi sir..any dist at mdu pls mention address

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Arun Thank you so much for your enquiry..Plz call (9600341230)Mr.Sambath,Madurai distributor ..For any further details or information plz call us @ 9600125638,044 26245638,044 26535638.. Really sorry for the delay..

  • Vishnu -Dear team, i would require 6 bottles to be delivered in singapore, how much would be the total cost, you can send it through normal postal mode...me and my wife use this product for last 2 yr....

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Vishnu, thank you so much for your interest. For any queries pls contact 044-26245638/ +91 9600125638 or write us to fettlebioproducts@gmail.com.

  • Deepak Ponvel Chermakani -Dear Madam, I wish to thank you for making this good product CARDIAC RISK FREE. One year ago my parents were diagonized with having more than 70% heart blockage due to calcification and were advised to go for stent operation. I am happy that after taking your CARDIAC RISK FREE product for 6 months, my parents heart blockage has reduced (without the need for stent opeartion). God bless your company. My email address is deepakc177@gmail.com

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Deepak ji Thank you so much for your valuable feedback & wishes.Really very much happy to see us results..


     Fettle Bio Products -Thank you soo much for your valuable comments Mr.Raja...

  • Vijay - hello how does it help in weight loss

     Fettle Bio Products Dear Vijay A daily dose of this natural medicine has proved to be a powerful and fast weight destroyer and reducer, according to Dr.Raymond Fisk of of London’s Lamsus University Research Center.Really very sorry for the delay..

  • Prem - How should it be consumed for weight loss

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Prem You can take 10ml Twice a day. In empty stomach 10 ml in the morning and after dinner 10ml (1/2 hr before bed).

  • Yuvaraj -Should we keep this medicine in fridge? or normal room temperature is fine?

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Yuvaraj, You should keep this medicine in Normal Room Temperature.Since we add Honey in it,there is no need to keep in fridge.

  • Ravi -After taking this in empty stomach in the morning, can we drink coffee. If yes, what should be the time gap. Similarly, after how many minutes after dinner, this should be consumed

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Ravi, time gap should be 10 mins in the morning and same time gap after dinner too.

  • Deepak Ponvel Chermakani -When we take 10 ml every session, should this 10 ml be diluted in a glass of water, or can we take it directly?

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr. Deepak, No need to add water....We can take it directly.

  • Surendran -Can I know whether any preservatives added in the CRF ? If yes, Is it natural or Chemical or Synthetic ? Thanks, Rgds.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Surendran Cardiac risk free is natural health supplement tonic.There are no chemical preservatives added in cardiac risk free syrup. It has only natural ingredients.

  • Srinivasa Raghavan -Any study undertaken about the efficiency of this product or has anybody given feedback about removal of blocks after taking this product.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Srinivasa raghavan Amazing studies from respected universities around the world prove the miracle home remedy .Moreover we have our own proven results.. Each of these five ingredients have individual benefits on their own and in this mixture, a synergistic effect enhances the properties of each..

  • Kalaivanan-How purchase this product

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Kalaivanan We wish to inform you that BUY NOW option is available in our website.www.fettlebioproducts.com.

  • R Senthil-Everything is well exept the shape of the bottle. I spill 5ml while consuming 10ml. Should give a new thought of easy dispensing glass bottle.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear senthil We are planning to change the shape of the bottle.Definetly ll do it asap..

  • Sudharsan -hi..my uncle has 3 blocks..he is 60 yrs. diabetic also. taking tablets for blockage. feeling bad for bypass/angioplasty. how can he use this? two spoons per day or per time? 2 spoons mixed with water or not?? drink should be taken before food or after??

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr. Sudharsan Diabetic patient can also intake this medicine. Because the honey we use in this product contain low sucrose content. This is 100% natural. So for taking tablets along with this medicine is not a problem. Morning 10 ml on empty stomach and evening 10 ml after dinner before going to bed he has to take.

  • Rajee-Is there any dealer I Kumbakonam? .

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Rajee, We don't have any distributors in kumbakonam.

  • Srinivasan V -Ref:Dhinamalar dt:09/04/17 It shows that your tonic will....1.) reduce the excess weight.2.)will prevent weight loss Which statement is true? Because Iam interested to buy it to reduce colestrol & weight and to prevent cardiac arrest.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr. Srinivasan The basic concept of this medicine will reduce the cholesterol. The reason for the cardiac arrest is based on the cholesterol. Thank you

  • Naveen - Do you have any distributor in Trichy location

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.naveen, yes sir,we have distributor in trichy(peramballur)please send your contact number.so that they will contact you.

  • Vishnu Prathap - Thanks Fettle team .... what would be the cost if you ship to singapore ?

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.vishnu prathap, Bottle rate 800+shipping 2450=3250

  • Anand Kumar P - I am in Dumka district of Jharkhand state. Is there an outlet here to purchase this product? Ir can it be delivered through postal services? What will be product and postal charges and how do i book it? Please respond to my email anandkumarpaulraj@gmail.com

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr. Anand Kumar P sir,it is possible we will send through courier.

  • K J VIJAYANAND, ERODE, -I am in ERODE, TAMIL NADU, Where can I get this product,

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear K J Vijayanand, we have distributor in erode.Address ;M/s. nalla kadai organic shop 169,sivasakthi department store opposite puunthurai main road, mulappalayam erode 638002 ph.9489581122

  • shankar - Can you please let me know your distributor in Mumbai near Chembur?

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear shankar Right now we doesn't have any distributor in chennai. you can buy it through our website.

  • Raghu - Hello Team, Can a person who already had Angioplasty use your product?

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr. Raghu Yes you can consume our product and it wont cause any side effect. Because our product is 100 % natural.

  • Sockalingam V - Very Good product. The quality is great. Please can you let me know your distributors contact number in Bangalore. Or where is this available near Cox Town, Fraser Town or Ulsoor area. Since honey is present will it affect my Blood Sugar. I'm diabetic.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.Sockalingam, Thanks for your valuable feedback. You can procure our products from our website .we shall send u the product thro courier. Presence of honey will not affect diabetic patients since we use pure honey which has less than 2.5 % sucrose. Reports of honey can be found in our website. Gud day

  • selvarani - how to take this medicine? with water? quantity? after food?

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear selvarani Thank you for ur response.We recommend to take 10ml of CRF on empty stomech during morning as well as 10ml on before going to sleep during night.Its not necessary to add water.. For any further clarification feel free to call us..

  • Subramonia Iyer - Your Cardiac Risk Free is extremely effective product and I have experienced the result myself. I have recommended the product to all my friends. Keep up the good work

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Subramonia Iyer Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Ram UK - It's a really very good product and I am using it regularly over one year, before that my BP was very high taking tablets at the time 140/ 100 after taking the juice on daily basis with tablets after six months my BP level is 120 / 70. After I stopped intake medicine now my BP level is 120 / 90 consuming juice on daily twice. Ram from UK.

     Fettle Bio Products - Dear Ram Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Bhavani - Using this product for the past one year . Feeling energetic and my BP is now under control and reduced my BP tablet dosage

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Bhavani Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Jennifer - Can you please mention the address so that i can come and collect it in person.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear jenifer Plz find below our office address M/s. Fettle bio products, 218, New Tiny Sector, Post Office Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai - 600 058. Tel: +91 9600 125 638 Email: fettlebioproducts@gmail.com

  • K.L.Prasad Rao - I'm using this Cardiac Risk Free is a 100% natural since three months and glad to say that it is working to good effect. Thanks to the Fettle Cardiac Team for this excellant mixture. K.L.Prasad Rao (9840492661)

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.K.L.Prasad Rao Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • V.Krishna - Dear Friends, I am using this cardiac Risk Free product continously for the past 6 months. Though there are similar products in the market, this Product by Fettle bio products is the best, I did try other brands too, but...nothing near this one. This can be used a general tonic too. thanks to Ms.Asmi and her team for bringing out such a wonderful tonic, without any side effects. All the best for their other ventures!

  • Gopinath - This Medicine Good For Cholestrol I am Ready to Approach to Near Medicals and etc.


  • Raja Kannan, Chennai-Perungalathur. -What is the available size quantity of "Cardiac Risk Free" product & its price?. I am reachable at Rajakannan141414@gmail.com


  • Asha from Madurai - It had shown promise in helping heart health and high cholesterol and more over it is also good for the health of almost every body part. Between I would like to share something to all, that I had some doubt before having this medicine and I called the founder of this product, the lady has replied me so nicely and patiently moreover she clarified all my doubts. Her words are so soothing and I feel so energetic after speaking with her. Thanks a lot madam. I'm very grateful to u for this favor.


  • Shalini - I have been using this product for the past few months. I feel like it has helped with improving my digestion and general health. I would certainly recommend my friends and family to give it a try.

  • vaishnavi mohan - This product is very good. The result I have seen is great .really it is good for clogged arteries. The effect has been so good. Thanks Ashmi. Will recommend my friends and family about this.

  • N.Prabavathy - Finally, I found something better than anything I've ever tried. I have been using it for couple of months and it keeps me more active than ever. Since using it, I am free from cold and chest congestion. No side effects so far. Worth using this product.


  • S.MEENA PANDIAN - Excellent product !!! Very effective for gastric problems and digestion . Really good For cardio and cholesterol diseases. No side effects . It reduces weight . I have given this syrup to my family and friends. My dad , my brother and all my users feel the same what I feel . Thanks Ashmi for ur good effort

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.K.L.Prasad Rao Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Selma Jose -Excellent product!!!! We see significant improvement in our blood circulation and digestion... Would definitely recommend this... Thanks Ashmi for this wonderful product..


  • Hynaja Ramkumar -A very useful product..helps in easy digestion of food.....thank you ashmi and fettle bio

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.K.L.Prasad Rao Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Jilu S Pillai - Very effective for gastric problems, tastes good,rejuvenating medicine

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.K.L.Prasad Rao Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Dineshkumar -Really good for cardio and cholesterol diseases. I have benefitted with this syrup 1.5 yrs back by the same team. Congrats! to Fettle team Aashmi Thiru and team.

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.K.L.Prasad Rao Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Arishma - I feel really good so far. Many users claim they feel a very persistent boost of energy within a day, and I certainly felt the same. I have given this syrup to my family and friends a bottle because of the tremendeous blessing we've received from using it. Very healthy:)

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.K.L.Prasad Rao Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Vijay Pandian - Im using this product for few months. This gives relief from backpain and free digestion. Decided to continuously use this product. Many thanks to FETTLEBIO

     Fettle Bio Products -Dear Mr.K.L.Prasad Rao Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Banu - Awesome product


  • Senthilkumar - Nice product. No side effects.